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IBM Cloud Pak For Data – 8x faster data access!

Cloud Pak for Data lets you do both by enabling you to connect to your data, govern it, find it, and use it for analysis. Cloud Pak for Data also enables all of your data users to collaborate from a single, unified interface that supports many services that are designed to work together.

Data in the Fast Lane: Watch Your Data Lifecycle Go Turbo with an Intelligent Data Fabric!

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is not just another platform; it's your key to unlocking a world of data-driven possibilities.


Drive business agility, cut costs and manage risks with data at the center of your decisions.Construct a data fabric that unifies dispersed data in a hybrid cloud setup.


Seamlessly connect to your data via IBM Cloud Satellite, whether you choose


  • Self-Hosting on-premises software, utilizing the Red Hat® OpenShift® container platform or 
  • Fully Managed Service on the IBM Cloud®.

You can organize, analyze and manage your data through the integrated software components of IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Why IBM Cloud Pak for Data?

Say goodbye to data chaos. Our powerful tools organize, analyze, and make sense of your data, ensuring you get the insights you need exactly when you need them.
Make decisions with confidence. With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, you'll have the right information at your fingertips, allowing you to strategize and innovate with a competitive edge.
Time is money, and our platform knows it. Harness the magic of automation to streamline your data processes, so you can focus on what truly matters – driving your business forward.
our budget will thank you. Experience cost savings through optimized data management and resource allocation, making every investment count.
Your data's safety is non-negotiable. Benefit from state-of-the-art security features that ensure your valuable information stays protected from threats, both internal and external.
Break down data silos and boost collaboration across your organization. Share insights, foster innovation, and empower your teams to work cohesively towards common goals.
Stay ahead of the curve. Our forward-looking solutions are designed to adapt to the ever-changing data landscape, ensuring you're always equipped for what's next.

What the Numbers Say?

Lightning-fast data access, 8 times speedier, while slashing costs across cloud and on-premises data sources.
Free up data engineers for high-value tasks with 25-65% fewer ETL requests.
Say goodbye to $27 million in manual cataloging costs, just as IBM Global Chief Data Office did.

What The Users Say:


An American telecommunications company aimed for digital transformation using AI and machine learning. IBM Cloud Pak for Data proved pivotal in expediting AI projects by simplifying data stages. The outcome: accelerated innovation, enabling AI implementations within weeks, not months. Telecommunications company now stands at the forefront of agile, customer-centric solutions.

Revolutionizing Digital Transformation: Telecommunications company Success with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and AI

A leading bank leveraged IBM Cloud Pak for Data System to enhance client experiences and streamline data analytics. The solution resulted in a unified platform for end-to-end enterprise analytics, consolidating customer information from various systems and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations like CCPS

Transforming Client Experiences: Bank’s Success with IBM Cloud Pak for Data System

A leading Healthcare researcher company, in collaboration with IBM, employed AI solutions on IBM Cloud Pak for Data to predict sepsis among millions of members, reducing the AI development and deployment lifecycle from 12 months to 6 weeks. The integrated platform eliminated data silos, enabled effective model monitoring, and projected cost savings of $48,000 through the avoidance of inpatient sepsis submissions. This case exemplifies the successful application of AI in healthcare for improved predictive capabilities and operational efficiency.

A leading Health researchers prioritized members for preventative care and improved data governance with IBM Cloud Pak for Data


One Platform for all your data

Experience seamless integration by performing your tasks swiftly and effortlessly within a unified platform.

Embedded Governance

Streamline data preparation, cleansing, and governance in a single, integrated tool.

Complete AI Lifecycle

Team up for model building, bias mitigation, and deployment – all in one platform.

Hybrid Multicloud AI

Access 60+ data sources and orchestrate workloads across diverse cloud environments.

Data fabric

Access disparate data across hybrid and multicloud environments. Gain a single view and derive actionable insights without moving data from the source.

Automated data governance

Protect data with active policy management and dynamic masking of sensitive data to help ensure compliance.

Automated AI lifecycles

Build AI and machine learning models in minutes or even seconds. Experiment, train and deploy models more rapidly at scale.

Explainable AI

Continuously monitor model deployment, fairness, quality and drift to assess and mitigate risks and deploy AI with confidence.

Digital twin AI models

Virtually replicate physical objects to run simulations and what-if-analyses to optimize business operations.

No code/low code environment

Publish AI applications within minutes, without the need for deep technical skills.

Flexible deployment

Deploy Palantir on the cloud of your choice via IBM Cloud Pak for Data running on the Red Hat® OpenShift® platform.

Deep expertise

Overcome data and AI challenges with the most technically advanced data science teams in the industry from IBM and Palantir.


Discover the game-changing potential of IBM Cloud Pak for Data today.

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