Why Trustworthy AI Is the Key to Unlocking Technology's True Potential

Why IBM Knowledge Catalog?

Are manual processes, limited data literacy, and data overload slowing down your enterprise wide AI and data efforts?

You need a DataOps practice that ensures a steady stream of top-notch data and encourages teamwork across your organization, fostering agility and innovation.

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog handles data organization, definitions, and management seamlessly, for your DataOps. Here’s why you need it in your organization’s data arsenal:

Slash data discovery, quality, and governance time by up to 90%. Empower your enterprise to extract maximum value from your data with speed and confidence.
Establish a shared business glossary governance base. Tailor it to suit your needs for enhanced data comprehension. We're committed to evolving this experience, ensuring consistent access to high-quality data.
Maintain well-structured and consistent data lineage.We know that understanding data origin is crucial. The summarized data lifecycle view traces data's journey through your company, ensuring you trust your data. The top-down visualization offers a 360-degree perspective of data origins, all in moments, not hours.
Ensure data safety through active policy management, role-based access control, and real-time masking of sensitive data. Uphold compliance and readiness for audits.

What Does It Offer?

Effortlessly locate relevant assets through smart suggestions by IBM Watson® and peers.
Ensure impeccable data quality by monitoring lineage and scores across various data forms, AI models, and notebooks.
Choose your preferred deployment - on-premises, on the cloud, or seamlessly managed via IBM Cloud Pak for Data.
Efficiently organize, define, and oversee enterprise data, enabling regulatory compliance and enhanced data value.
Safeguard data, ensure compliance, and maintain client trust with active policy management and dynamic data masking.
Accelerate data utilization with intuitive dashboards and flows for rapid consumption and sharing across peers and analytics tools.


Data Privacy Extensions

Implement a comprehensive privacy framework for fortified data security and AI safeguarding. Shield sensitive information through data masking and streamline metadata creation, policy enforcement, and business vocabulary development.

Policy Enforcement Made Simple

Leverage AI to intelligently automate policy identification, monitoring, and enforcement for sensitive data across your organization. Discover the power of AutoPrivacy features on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Establish Business Vocabulary

Ensure data comprehensibility for all stakeholders by implementing a shared business vocabulary. Automatically infuse business context through ready-to-use regulatory and industry glossaries.

Streamlined Privacy Assessments

Conduct privacy assessments and a well-put-together view of your data assets, after loading asset metadata into IBM® OpenPages®.

Master Data Management Extensions

Elevate data quality by incorporating master data management functionalities into metadata management. Broaden data sources and depth to establish a dependable single source of truth.

360 degrees view

Attain a comprehensive perspective on essential data entities by seamlessly aligning data across diverse sources to customer profiles, eliminating duplication. Exercise vigilant oversight over critical data such as PII and consent.

Non-Stop Data Accessibility

Construct a read-only master data records view that remains consistently accessible across IBM Cloud Pak for Data, ensuring high availability and minimized data redundancy. Enjoy swift, low-latency data access without duplication.

All set to supercharge your enterprise AI and analytics through business-ready data?

Let’s get started with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog