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Deriving the value hidden in text - Feel the Power of IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding!

Humans use words to talk and write.  Well, sometimes computers have a hard time understanding all those words like we do. Natural Language Understanding, or NLU for short, is like a special tool that helps computers understand our words better. It includes a set of text analytics features that you can use to extract meaning from unstructured data. 

IBM Watson® Natural Language Understanding employs deep learning to derive meaning and metadata from unstructured text data. Delve into your data using text analytics, and extract categories, classification, entities, keywords, sentiment, emotion, relations, and syntax.

Natural Language Understanding stands as a premier text analytics service, seamlessly integrable into your existing data pipeline. It  supports 13 languages based on the feature. NLU is hosted in Dallas, Washington, D.C., Frankfurt, and Sydney.

Why IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding?

Put Watson Natural Language Understanding to work wherever you need it - behind your firewall or in any cloud.
Train Watson to comprehend your business language and extract tailored insights through Watson Knowledge Studio.
Uncover instant, valuable insights that empower your team. Equip them with tools to extract metadata and patterns from extensive data resources.

What the Numbers Say?


Cost savings

USD 6.13 million in benefits over three years¹



383% ROI over
three years


Save time

50% reduction in time spent on information-gathering tasks³



5% annual increase in revenue³

IBM Watson NLU Superpowers

Here are the functionalities IBM Watson® Natural Language Understanding offers:


Identify people, places, events, and other types of entities in your content using built-in capabilities.

Categories (Beta)

Organize your data with precision using a five-level classification hierarchy.


Automatically label text for streamlined workflows, insights extraction, and improved search and discovery.


Recognize overarching ideas that may not be explicitly mentioned in your content.


Capture emotions (joy, anger, sadness, fear, etc.) conveyed by specific phrases or the entire document.

Sentiment (Beta)

Evaluate the sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) towards specific phrases and the entire document.


Understand how two entities are connected in your content and identify the nature of the relationship.


Extract key information like author, title, images, and publication dates from documents.

Semantic Roles

Break sentences into subject-action-object format, identifying entities and keywords as subjects or objects.

Case Studies

Mushi Lab

Mushi Lab experienced a remarkable 15% month-over-month surge in revenue through
Clearscope, a tool that dissects top-performing content to help customers reach higher search rankings. They leveraged IBM Watson® to analyze top-performing content and offer actionable insights, enabling customers to create relevant content more efficiently.


Global-Regulation created a law search engine powerhouse with the AI driven cloud services of the Watson platform - indexing, processing, and translating nearly 2 million laws across 100 countries. They employed the Watson NLU API to finetune the discoverability of relevant laws and data.


Accrete.AI harnessed Watson Natural Language Understanding, Watson Knowledge Studio, and Watson Discovery to decode financial intricacies like inflation and employment, easing fund managers' challenges. This empowers customers to make informed decisions, eliminating the need to navigate complex, ever-changing digital information.



Cost savings
USD 6.13 million in benefits over three years


383% ROI over three years


Save time
50% reduction in time spent on information-gathering tasks


5% annual increase in revenue

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Experience the sheer power of the Natural Language AI service firsthand on the IBM Cloud.

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