Why Trustworthy AI Is the Key to Unlocking Technology's True Potential

Win At Business with Data-Driven Architecture

In an era of unpredictability, data is the lifeblood of success. But the traditional ways of handling data are struggling to keep pace with the big data surge. They just won't cut it anymore – we need a revolution.


Explore the full potential of your data to establish customer loyalty, process automation, and innovation.

Enter the data fabric—a revolutionary architecture that empowers businesses, big and small, to truly embrace data-driven strategies. With data fabric, user-friendly business intelligence platforms connect people to data, promoting agility, predictive insights, and personalized experiences.

IBM achieved leadership recognition in The Forrester Wave™: Data Management for Analytics, Q1 2023

Forrester Wave™
Data Management for Analytics

The Forrester Wave Data Management for Analytics, Q1 2023 report evaluated vendors based on 26 criteria that include architecture and data modeling, data integration, data quality, data gorvernance, performance, scale, deployment options, product vision, use cases, ease of use, ROI and Total Cost of Ownership. IBM received a high score in most of these criteria, which contributed to its Leader position in the Forrester Wave report.


Make confident, real-time data-driven decisions with analytics tools, forecasts, and BI solutions, boosting profitability and key metrics.
AI is now a strategic must-have. Speed up innovation, meet customer expectations, and drive revenue growth.
Invest in text analytics to free experts from mundane tasks and focus on creating stakeholder value.

Why IBM Powered Analytics For Data Strategy and Architecture?

IBM Tops the Charts in Enterprise Data Fabric Solutions

Explore why IBM is the leader in Enterprise Data Fabric according to The Forrester

Experience the Power of Data Fabric

Middleware solutions at Nexright, offer a fundamental advantage: they liberate developers from the tedious task of crafting custom integrations every time they seek to link application components, whether they be services, microservices, data sources, computing resources, or devices. Here's why this matters:

Simplify Raw Data Access

We're ushering in a new era of effortless data access. Our innovative data fabric strategy ensures that even raw data becomes a valuable asset, easily accessible for self-service analytics. Plus, it guarantees top-tier governance and privacy controls.

Unleash Agility with Data Management

Your data should work as hard as you do. Our solution enhances cost performance and boosts productivity through an end-to-end data management system. Scale and resiliency like never before, paving the way for unprecedented agility in your operations.

Predict and Shape the Future

Harness the power of business analytics, driven by AI. With our platform, business users become data wizards, equipped with self-service analytics that can predict and shape future outcomes. Be ahead of the curve, always.

Elevate Customer Care to New Heights

Customer relationships build the foundation of any business. Our platform enhances CRM by providing accurate, concise answers to inquiries in any language. Strengthen customer bonds across all channels with tailored, unforgettable experiences.

IBM® Business Analytics Enterprise

The gateway to informed decision-making and robust business planning

IBM Planning Analytics

Revolutionize your enterprise-wide planning and integration learn more

IBM Cognos® Analytics

Boost decision-making with Cognos Dashboards and advanced data visualization tools for enhanced analytics.

Ace Predictive Precision and Analytical Results

Boost the precision and transparency of AI-driven predictions. Slash expenses and time investments with automated solutions, from data retrieval to model creation, deployment, and monitoring.

IBM Watson® Studio -Unlock the Power of AI on Any Cloud

Scale your AI projects effortlessly across diverse cloud platforms. Automate the entire AI lifecycle with robust ModelOps capabilities.

IBM SPSS® Statistics- Data Insights Made Easy

Dive into your data effortlessly with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Solve complex business and research puzzles with ease.

IBM InfoSphere® Optim™- Mastering Data for Business Agility

Take control of your data journey, from inception to retirement. Enhance your business's adaptability while trimming operational costs.

IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimizer -Optimize for Maximum Performance

Harness the potential of a high-performance solver tailored for linear, mixed-integer, and quadratic programming challenges.

Out With the Legwork. In with Data Discovery!

Empower your experts to focus on value creation, not cumbersome processes. Our machine learning resources, driven by cutting-edge AI, drive business acceleration.

IBM Watson Discovery - Say goodbye to endless data mining.

Minimize digging and Stop sifting through mountains of data. Our AI-powered natural language content analysis turbocharges your decision-making and gets actionable insights at your fingertips.

Bridging the Gap between Data and People

Accelerate predictive insights with a data fabric-powered platform.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Effortlessly gather, structure, and analyze cloud-based data from various sources, whether it's Tableau, SQL, Sisense, or other tools.

IBM InfoSphere® Information Server

Tailor-made solutions for your needs, covering data integration, quality, and governance.

IBM Netezza® Performance Server

Experience simplicity, scalability, speed, and sophistication, available as a service, on the cloud, or on-premises.

Case Studies Or How Clients Got IBM Analytics to Work For Them?


IBM’s extensive work with ING made this Dutch Bank a leader in data governance. ING partnered with IBM to create a Data Fabric, enabling seamless data access, governance, and decision-making across borders and clouds.

Watch the video (1:45)


Marriott leverages data aggregation and real-time insights to craft personalized customer experiences, adding exceptional value to each guest's stay.

Royal Bank Of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland harnesses AI technology to equip agents with up-to-the-minute, precise information, simplifying the home buying journey and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Watch the video (2:34)


Ancestry leverages IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Cognos Analytics, and IBM Watson for instant access to financial insights.


Don't just adapt to change.It's time to evolve and thrive in the data-driven age.