Why Trustworthy AI Is the Key to Unlocking Technology's True Potential

IT Automation - The Future of IT Infrastructure

Discover the future of IT operations with IBM's cutting-edge IT automation platform.


Our solutions, backed by cognitive capabilities, revolutionize the way you manage and optimize your applications and infrastructure. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to cost savings, improved business outcomes, and enhanced brand reputation.


Fire Up Business Performance with Smart IT Automation

Go Beyond Customer Expectations

Modernize IT operations to provide your customers with exceptional experiences. Eliminate unnecessary complexities and streamline processes, all powered by trusted IT automation.

Trim IT Costs and Complexity

Embrace dynamic IT automation solutions that adapt to real-time demands, ensuring optimal application performance while minimizing waste.

Focus on High-Value Work

Liberate your teams from manual tasks with IT automation, empowering them to focus on innovation and business growth.

IT Automation Solutions


Explore how AI-powered IT operations provide essential insights to boost overall business performance.

AIOps Insights

Leverage intelligent automation and AI to empower your IT Ops teams for efficient incident management.

IT Asset Management

Flexera One with IBM Observability is a full circle IT asset management and could optimization solution, to get the most bang out of your buck on IT investments and risk mitigation.

Mainframe AIOps

Get AI to power your mainframe operations. AIOps simplifies mainframe systems management, enhancing IT operations, optimizing application performance, and fortifying operational resilience.

IBM Workload Automation

Automate complex workloads with a single point of control.

IBM Websphere Automation

Implement automation for proactive security risk reduction and expedited threat mitigation.

Case Studies


Metzler Bank

Mastering Global Banking Infrastructure

IBM Turbonomic delivered control and optimal application performance for Metzler through IT automation.

“With Turbonomic in automation, managing our environment has become completely effortless.”


Thomas Maag

Infrastructure Engineer

Metzler Bank



Using AIOps to boost the hybrid-cloud workload

APIS IT provides professional implementation services to the public sector of the Republic of Croatia.They use IBM Z Operations Analytics (IZOA) to integrate IBM Z data into their hybrid ecosystem, advancing their AIOps transformation.


IZOA is the tool that simplifies the mainframe, so I can put more sense into the data”. 


Dražen Zadro

Systems Engineer




Enhancing mental health services delivery through observability 

Mayden used IBM Instana to improve patient outcomes for their mental health solution iaptus.


“We were looking for something that would help us understand, at very high resolution, the performance of our solution. We wanted to be able to see, on a second-by-second basis, the peaks and troughs that can exist for a variety of reasons. “


Chris Eldridge

Director of Operations



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